The EDI Background / Evolution / Mantra

When looking at our organisation, our partners should be buoyed by the knowledge that our vast experience has stemmed from the integrity of, first and foremost, a customs broking background in the 1970’s.

International freight networks were developed through the 1980’s so that the customs broker could offer his customers door to door services by air or sea from all the major tradelanes.

Throughout the 1990’s our team continued to grow with overseas partners where relationships and freight volumes were strengthened for the benefit of its customers.

The last decade has seen electronic systems management as one of the key issues in remaining relevant in an ever changing freight management environment. Electronic data management visibility is paramount to our customers and freight management partners. Through specially developed operating systems, each working day we ensure as much priority be placed with daily inbound freight management and the associated information exchange as the other more obvious verbal and other electronic customer service information exchange, customs clearance expertise and final delivery arrangement and account management. This can only be achieved with dedicated people and our strength is measured by those people on our team.

When talking now, electronic visibility can be viewed via ediTRACK. Click here for more information and contact us when you are ready to receive a demonstration logon.

In short and into the next decade, EDI is committed to offer integrity, continuity, innovation and through our experience challenge procedures from all perspectives. It is only through this successful mantra that we, as your friends and business partners, can seek to continue as an extension of your own businesses.