• A fabulous operational team headed by 3 dedicated and experienced licenced customs brokers who understand industry and can think outside the square.
  • Our team will seek the best available option for the importer, whilst still consider and advise on overall responsibility to government regulations and audit processes.  
  • Constant review of gazetted information to advise of new tariff concessions.  
  • Free audit service available for non-current customers – ensure you are paying the correct import customs duty by our checking over your import files. We conduct this process continually for importers regularly uncovering irregularities that can  potentially save substantial dollar savings, especially with mistakes or oversights made over repeat shipments.
  • Refunds and drawback applications processed in timely and cost-effective manner.
  •  Timely preparation, via on line electronic service, effecting immediate release. 
  •  Systems based tariff/product linkage suited to extensive inventory importers with ability for electronic inventory data transfer 
  • Our close relationship with your suppliers gives us the ability to hunt commercial documentation required directly from suppliers on your behalf.
  • Fully AQIS accredited personnel and corporate AEP accreditation. 
  • Trace your cargo on ediTRACK  – click here for more information
  • Specialty knowledge and services – click here for more information – services such as handling of overseas exhibitions, showfreight, project cargo, ATA Carnets, personal effects



Case 1
Australiawide distribution business with extensive inventory electronically transfers their order directly into ediTRACK. Product information is already visible by customs clearance department immediately and electronically linked to customs tariff classification by operating system effectively making the shipment ‘already customs cleared’ whilst EDI is managing the shipment preparation to final loading of the seafreight (or airfreight) cargo at the load port

Case 2
Containers of spirituous liquor arrive in Australia and due to high duty component of this commodity a bonded entry is completed and cargo is received into licenced customs bondstore. As orders are received for stock, requests for specific quantity of specific stock are processed for duty payment and release effected to importer or his customer directly. Management of each line recorded with inward and outward movements and balances in bond constantly recorded.

Case 3
Importer of big inventory foodstuffs importer enjoys early assessment of duty/gst and with that comes also the early assessment of AQIS and IFIS direction requirements. Should any of these quarantine departments request further inspection or treatment this is managed via the importers licenced AQIS warehouse

Case 4
High volume, agricultural importer enjoys timely clearance and inbound AQIS treatment management, with clearance prepared in such a manner that enables a simplified process for duty drawback of the imported product as the imported product is further manufactured and then exported