This is an EDI superlative or mantra and whilst it is a loose or generalised comment to make, it does demonstrate our customer’s needs to have experienced international freight operators undertake for them “triangle” style shipments for them with savvy and confidence.

With the electronic environment we work within today it is commonplace for EDI to be contracted for these style of shipments. As the world gets smaller and we grow within it we find ourselves undertaking, for example, airfreight parts from ex-factory Italy to Cambodia or shipping from a Southern China factory, snow mechanical equipment all around the world on behalf of a USA distribution management office. Perhaps it could be a contract to move cars ex Detroit museum to a Frankfurt Messe Halle for exhibition and return. Nothing is too hard, big or small or outside of our abilities to work on sensible logistics and contract the right partners via our years of experience and network of specialist freight agents.

We are appointed by freight partners from all points of the globe, to assist them with solutions for all parts of Australia, not only clearance but also interstate and regional distribution. In fact we are asked to assist for solutions also in New Zealand, New Guinea and also for transhipment services and even procurement services to the Pacific Islands.

We are handling weekly inbound automotive and marine consolidation clearances to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne ports and also services into Adelaide and Fremantle, with this it is important to partner with the right unpacking stations experienced in specialist container unpacking services, for example trained in working the metal R-RAK system and managing the physical quarantine examinations. Interstate, we work with all the appropriate RAWS compliance workshops and have access to all the right local, intra or interstate vehicle and general freight transporters at all the right rates. We work well with all the car carrier stevedore operators and wharf inspection assistants which for car carriers include Townsville and Port Kembla.

Ask us for more information so we can obtain you the right solution or be buoyed by the knowledge that we are getting on with the job competently and cost effectively. Through all these trade-lanes managed we can offer electronic visibility viewed via ediTRACK.

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